You can watch the video about furniture parts production here: AM Furnitūra furniture parts production

With applying the latest generation of technologies, we are able to provide consistent high quality service

and fast delivery process, which includes the full production cycle.

Fast online ordering and pricing are provided by our online form OMDA


  • Bonding of boards and parts with HPL or acrylic layer
  • Sawing and cutting
  • Edging of straight parts
  • Edging of the curved parts
  • 45° connection integration
  • Integration of hidden shelving holders
  • Integration of flush handles available in our assortment
  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Engraving

Edge banding with AirTec technology without creating glue seams as the edge is not glued, but hot melted onto the material:


  • Moisture and dust does not accumulate during use of the furniture – therefore not creating visible dark joint lines
  • No risk of the edge coming off over time due to contact with heat (kitchen steam)




High quality performance, fast service, extensive materials and services!