HPL Splashback panel 6140 MN, 4200x1310x4 mm, KINTSUGI YAMI

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PURICELLI laminates are made up by a certain number of kraft paper layers soaked in phenolic resin.

These layers are pressed with ornamental paper, at a high pressure and temperature.

The ornamental paper is soaked in melamine resin.

Thanks to this method, an absolutely homogeneous laminate is obtained, offering the warmth and patterns of ornamental paper.

HPL laminates represent an article that is used as a covering for stiff supports, which it is glued to through different types of processes.

PURICELLI laminates can be manufactured in various thicknesses, ranging from 0.4 mm to 30 mm.

They display a hard-wearing scratch-proof surface. PURICELLI laminates complywiththefollowingstandards: Thermosetting resin-based high pressure ornamental laminates (HPL).

  • Length: 4200 mm
  • Width: 1310 mm
  • Thickness: 4 mm

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Category Splashback panels
Manufacturer PURICELLI
Material HPL
Board thickness 4 mm
Unit GAB