LMDF, U961 STPM, 18mm, Graphite Grey

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U961 STPM Graphite Grey

PerfectSense Gloss is impressive due to its very special gloss level and extreme depth effect. Until now only very expensive materials, such as glass, have featured these special properties. MDF is used as a support material and makes a positive contribution to the properties of the high-end surface and is more cost-effective than glass.

Improved material

With its improved surface properties, Premium Matt is now also suitable for horizontal applications, making it the perfect complement to our impact-resistant PerfectSense Topmatt worktops.

  • Surfaces largely comply with EN438-2 (laminate requirements)
  • Improved properties in processing (less cracking/ lacquer chipping)
  • Less sensitive due to the harder top coat and therefore more robust in handling
  • Meets the highest level of chemical resistance 1A
  • Gloss or matt finish on one side
  • No-fingerprint properties
  • Board sise 2800 x 2070 mm
  • Board thickness 18 mm
  • You can purchase the 1/4 of board

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Product information

More Information
Category PerfectSense lacquered boards
Manufacturer EGGER
Material MDF
Type Matt
Decor type Premium PerfectSense
Board thickness 18 mm
Unit GAB