Crystal, 2015L, 19x2800x1300 mm, Piano HG

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Crystal 2015L Piano HG

  • 10 times more break-resistant than normal glass

       Reduced susceptibility to impact and fracture means that there is up to 20% less wastage.

  • As scratch-resistant as real glass

    The material is also as scratch-resistant as real glass and therefore highly durable – even when installed and in use.

  • Can be worked with normal woodworking tools

    RAUVISIO crystal is very easy to use: One-off cuts and drilled holes for handles or hardware can be implemented with no fear of breakages or waste.

  • Flexible to work with

    With its polymer properties, RAUVISIO crystal can be processed in a number of ways. The material is bendable and can therefore be formed into almost any shape. And free-form parts are not a problem with RAUVISIO crystal components

  • Multiple ways to add a final touch

    RAUVISIO crystal offers more design flexibility with various grooves and inlays. The grooves additionally provide an excellent opportunity to install back-lighting using special lighting fixtures.

  • Top quality

    Finished, edgebanded RAUVISIO crystal components are AMK-tested and TÜV-certified.

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Manufacturer REHAU
Material MDF
Type Gloss
Unit GAB