KIMANA петля

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  • KIMANA is the new hinge conceived by Italiana Ferramenta to open and close flap and drop-down doors. Provided with a unique and exclusive movement, it allows to open cabinet doors in column, even when the cabinet bottom lies upon another panel or the cabinet top is surmounted by a decorative/lighting panel.
  • The small dimensions (Ø 26mm boring for both the door and the bottom), the minimalistic and elegant design contribute to make KIMANA not only a functional hinge, but also a product unique in its genre. The fixing screws are perpendicular, thus making KIMANA suitable for perfect positioning, as well as for aluminium profiles. KIMANA can be easily adjusted through the screws (PZ2) which are hidden underneath the cover.
  • Various door and cabinet thickness-combinations can be solutioned either by carrying out the adjustments of the KIMANA or by plaing adapters under the hinge clip so that the ideal movement and alignment of the door are guaranteed.

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Категория Механизмы для подъемных и откидных дверей Механизмы для подъема и опускания особенно удобны, потому что гарантируют
Производитель ITALIANA F
Материал Цинковое литье
Тип Складной шарнир
Цвет Никелированный
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